7 reasons why using genuine parts is best for your business

7 reasons why using genuine parts is best for your business

The market for pirate parts for industrial machines has grown in recent years, with it becoming more and more possible to get non-genuine replacement parts for weighing machines, checkweighers and other machines used on the factory floor.

While it may be tempting to try to cut costs by opting for pirate components over their genuine counterparts when you need to make replacement, there are risks in doing so. Although there’s a common misconception that purchasing non-genuine parts can save you money upfront, the increased risk can end up costing you in the long run, making your efforts to save money counterproductive. We have listed the seven main reasons why you should always select genuine parts for the machines used in your business.

1. Lower total cost of ownership

The reason that pirate parts have a market is that they can offer a lower upfront cost. However, by choosing to buy genuine parts, you can reduce the total cost of ownership and save yourself money in the long term.

Genuine parts are guaranteed to fit into your existing machines as intended, which will allow processes to continue as intended. These parts are also more likely to work effectively for longer, meaning you can reduce waste and other production issues. Due to this, using genuine parts can improve your return on investment so you get more value.

As well as this, it’s worth noting that genuine parts often aren’t as expensive as you might expect. Most manufacturers will price their parts competitively, meaning you can still get a good price: and in some cases, genuine parts can even be cheaper than pirate elements! It’s definitely worth checking with the original manufacturer before even considering going for a non-genuine part, as you may be surprised by how little real replacements actually cost.

2. Designed for your equipment

By buying a genuine replacement for your machines, you are ensuring that it will be designed to fit as it should. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of these machines will take time to check that parts meet the required specifications and that the parts have been rigorously tested. This won’t be the same case with pirate parts, which are often poorly designed and untested.

This means that, by only using genuine parts, you can be assured that processes will continue as they should and that equipment error will be reduced. It will also help you to keep the entire production line in working order by preventing damage being caused to other components by faulty or poorly fitted parts.

3. Automatically revised and updated

OEMs, such as Yamato, will actively engage in ongoing research and development regarding their machines and parts, meaning that they are able to continually revise their parts to make them more effective.

Due to the increased revision control made by genuine manufacturers, any parts you buy will likely benefit from being improved in line with growing research, meaning they will be up to date and provide you with the best results. So, by choosing genuine parts over pirate, you can guarantee long-term precision as a benefit of revision control.

4. Compliance with warranties

When you buy equipment from a manufacturer, you are likely to be covered by a warranty. This includes warranty on the parts attached to that equipment, meaning that if something goes wrong, you will be able to get a replacement or repair from the manufacturer.

However, when you buy pirate parts, they’re unlikely to be covered by a warranty. If they do end up being faulty, you may struggle to get a repair from the manufacturer. Moreover, non-genuine parts may make your entire warranty void, particularly if the pirate components go on to cause issue with the rest of the equipment. This means you may be looking at costly repairs or replacements: however, by choosing genuine parts, you can continue to benefit from warranty.

5. Expedited identification, ordering and stocking assistance

Another benefit to selecting genuine parts as opposed to their copycat counterparts is that they can allow you to quickly identify issues with the production line and replace parts before catastrophe happens.

By keeping all the different parts in your equipment genuine, you can make the most of technology that will inform you of any errors and allow for a quick fix before it affects production. Similarly, you can gain assistance in ordering and stocking: for example, being able to order spare parts ahead of repair, and allowing you to keep an inventory of required parts for when they’re needed. By using these genuine parts, you can allow the repair cycle to keep flowing smoothly, as well as allowing you to get longevity and quality from your equipment.

6. Increased safety

One of the key reasons for always choosing genuine over pirate parts is the reduced risk it offers to your machines and your staff.

Pirate parts can be poor quality, and poor quality poses a risk. Placing a faulty part in a machine can cause damage to other components, and even damage the machine as a whole. Beyond this, it can also lead to control failure and even fire hazards if there’s an issue with electrical parts.  It isn’t just the rest of your equipment that is in danger should a pirate part go wrong; it can also place machine operatives at risk.

In order to keep safety standards high, you should opt for genuine parts. As previously stated, OEMs will test parts to make sure they are of the highest quality and will use only the best materials. This will reduce risk to the rest of the working operation, and will also reduce the risk of your product being ruined or created incorrectly due to ineffective parts.

7. Access to OEM equipment experts

Beyond the quality of the parts themselves, choosing genuine equipment and components will allow you benefit from the expertise of the manufacturers who made them. By dealing with the OEMs directly, they can advise you on how to best replace and maintain your equipment, which can have a direct benefit on your business.

Dealing with OEMs will also enable to build and continue a relationship with them, so they’re available for any future maintenance requests you may have. Many OEMs will offer technical support across the lifecycle of equipment, so you can continue to approach them as is needed.

Despite the attractive initial costs of pirate parts, there is little other reason to choose them over the real deal. Choosing genuine components can help you hugely in the long run, from allowing you to keep safety standards high to letting you minimise error within the production line. They also offer you much more value for money, making their higher upfront price worthwhile. When it comes to choosing a part, make sure you are doing your business a favour by opting for genuine.